Online Reiki Classes
Personal Guidance (Skype required)
~~~Not a video, like other online courses~~~

Level I $149
Level II $199
Level III $299

Each course includes a course manual and consists
of 2 months of weekly skype meetings for
discussion and guidance on the manual.
Initiation will be given using skype. A certificate
will be provided through e-mail following
course completion.

Texas Massage Therapists: 8 CEUs for Each Course

Reiki Treatments

45 minute treatment $39

Skype preferred for treatment,
but not required. Includes pre-
treatment consultation with skype
or e-mail.

Course Descriptions

Reiki I
Reiki concepts and techniques, history and lineage, hand positions for healing self and others, feeling energy, Reiki I initiation, feedback and guidance on home practice experiences.

Reiki II
Completion of Reiki I is a prerequisite. Review of Reiki I, the first three symbols, distant healing, infusing inanimate objects with Reiki, Reiki for past and future healing, advanced techniques, practice of distant treatments with instructor, Reiki II initiation, feedback and guidance on home practice experiences.

Reiki Master/Teacher
Completion of Reiki I and II is a prerequisite. Visualization meditations, the Master symbol, the Master initiation, how to give initiations, feedback and guidance on home practice experiences.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “spiritual (rei) nature (ki)”, commonly referred to as universal life force energy. It is also the name of an ancient lost form of energy healing, or energetic medicine, which was revealed to Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) during an enlightenment experience in the 1920’s. Even though used in the Western world mainly for physical healing, it is first and foremost a spiritual transformation. The purpose is to raise the level of consciousness, to clear and balance the energy pathways of the body, and the primary benefit is stress reduction.

Universal Life Force Energy

Universal life force energy makes up, flows through, and connects all things, both “living” and “non-living”. Imagine this energy as the ocean, and our bodies as fishing nets in that ocean. There is no containment, no separation, of the water inside one fishing net from the water outside that fishing net, nor a separation of water from one fishing net from the water in another fishing net. Now imagine a few small fish in a net. Even though the net is filled with water, the fish need a flow of water from outside the net, constantly moving, to stay in perfect health. The flowing water brings nutrients and oxygen, but most importantly the flow removes the waste naturally created by the metabolism of the fish.

We can compare the fish to the cells of our bodies. Even though we are made of energy (or consciousness), the cells need a constant flow of energy from the universe around us to remove the waste created by physical and emotional stress, by the natural process of living.


We draw this flow of energy through our bodies with chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning “constantly turning”. Energy rides the breath, rides the blood, and flows along other pathways as well. As part of the “structure” of these pathways, the energy forms vortexes—these vortexes are the chakras, the energy gates of the body. The spinning motion draws the universal life force energy through the body, flushing out the negative effects of stress. The positions of the seven major chakras are shown here, but we also have minor chakras at all the major joints, as well as the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands.


Reiki healers/practitioners/therapists do not impose an external healing on their recipients/patients/clients. The healer merely assists the recipient with their own self-healing process. Normally, we each have a direct relationship with the universe around us, our chakras drawing energy that is life itself. During a treatment, the Reiki healer inserts him/herself as a middle-person in this process, so that the recipient’s chakras are drawing energy from the universe, but it flows through the Reiki healer before entering the body. As the energy flows through the healer, the frequency (or level of consciousness) increases, creating an intensity that will act like a radiator flush, effectively clearing and balancing energy pathways.

Treatment consists so simply of placing hands at the position of the chakras, either directly on the body or at the level of the aura, listening to the feel of the energy, waiting until it is gently present. Or even simpler, placing hands where it hurts (a joint with arthritic pain, the lungs for grief) until it feels better. Treatments can also be performed at a distance (another household, city or country.) The receiver can experience the energy flow as does the healer, in the form of heat, vibration, thought and light. Also common for the receiver are phantom hands (still feeling the healer’s hands at an area after the healer has moved on), a light or floating sensation, a dense heavy sensation, rocking sensations, dreaming or softly snoring while awake at some level, and a deep sense of peace.

The most basic benefit is stress reduction, which naturally leads to many more. Good results are common with headaches, migraines, pain, asthma, accelerated healing (e.g. post surgery), sleep problems, mild depression, grief, PMS, mental focus, etc.


The healer receives this ability through the Reiki initiation, received only by transmission from a Reiki master. This is the enlightened wisdom of Usui Sensei. The heightened level of consciousness allows a higher sensitivity to the physical sensations of energy (for evaluation) and creates in the body of the healer a powerful conduit of energy (treatment). It is used for self-healing as well as assisting the healing of others, including animals. Some healers receive the initiation primarily for spiritual self-transformation, and rarely use it for the benefit of others.

Additional Wisdom

Incorporating additional wisdom can greatly enhance a treatment. Some wisdom applies just to the healer, making him/her a more conscious, powerful being. Examples of this are emotional integration, Kuji-In and Atma Yoga. Other wisdom can be used along with the healing process, such as mantras of the Five Elements of Creation.

Contact Sukhi Devi for information on treatments or initiation.