Study Group

Students of Maha Vajra meet every so often in El Paso, Texas to continue understanding the wisdom of Mahajyra Buddhism for self transformation, healing and compassion. Maha’s teachings flow from and are adapted to fit all traditions—Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Kabbalah, and Buddhism. Sukhi Devi, an ordained priest/teacher in the Mahajyra tradition and a Reiki Master, leads the discussions. It is not required at all to be Buddhist to integrate this wisdom in our daily lives. We just need to be interested in spiritual evolution and happiness! You can get acquainted with Maha at

Students attending the group are invited to give a small donation according to their means in exchange for their participation. Please contact Sukhi Devi for meeting times and locations, or if you just want to know more about it.

Discussion topics include, among others:

  • Emotional integration
  • The techniques and philosophy of mala and mantras
  • The five elements of creation and empowerment
  • Understanding karma and dharma
  • Kuji-in (mudra, mantra and mandala)
  • Transmigration
  • using these techniques in healing
  • Awakening and enlightenment

The group format is informal. At times a lesson will be presented, but generally students will share experiences, and answers to questions are discussed. So we all learn from each other’s experiences and enjoy the community of spiritual seekers.

Some Questions and Answers from Previous Study Groups

Are our life experiences all karma?

Some are karma, some are dharma. Karma is a consequence of our actions, in past and current lives. Dharma is a voluntary lesson from the point of view of the Soul, to experience something new. I know I struggle with myself to just accept the lessons, instead of trying to figure out why I asked for them… for example, “Why is my boss so disrespectful to me?” rather, “oh, so this is what the suffering of having a disrespectful boss feels like”

How does the experience of transcending relate to awakening?

Transcendence is sporadic events, mostly during meditation, of your consciousness going to a higher level of consciousness, temporarily leaving your body unaware, and your intellectual mind blank out, while your soul becomes conscious. During transcendence, your soul is aware and active while your human self is shorted-out. Awakening is when your human identity (body and mind) remains conscious while you are perceiving reality from this elevated consciousness that you usually go to only in transcendence state, thus, the soul is active and so is the human, accepting all this high-level information and remaining functional

When doing integration, what do we do when we released a lot of the emotion with a situation, but there seems to be that tiny little bit left that we can't seem to let go of?

The tiny bit of the emotion that we can’t let go of, it’s kept there by our ego. Look at what behavior you do that keeps it there. Maybe you support an attachment, or pride not wanting to let go… start with what you feel, and observe it to see if maybe it is hiding another emotion beneath it--integrate that. Also, trace it back through your life to every event that made you feel the same way, and integrate those things.

If someone is working through their own karma in the form of illness, and I help them, have I alleviated suffering that their karma requires? Will I suffer a karmic effect from this?

If our mindset is that “suffering is bad”, then we see our self as somewhat of a savior, and our ego is involved. Then our soul will teach us that suffering is useful to evolve, and we will suffer. If our mindset is for total healing of the body, heart and mind without judgment, then we are acknowledging that suffering has value for the soul to evolve, and we will be happy.