Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “spiritual (rei) nature (ki)”, commonly referred to as universal life force energy. It is also the name of an ancient lost form of energy healing, or energetic medicine, which was revealed to Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) during an enlightenment experience in the 1920’s. Even though used in the Western world mainly for physical healing, it is first and foremost a spiritual transformation. The purpose is to raise the level of consciousness, to clear and balance the energy pathways of the body, and the primary benefit is stress reduction.


Kuji-In is an ancient ritual meditation process used today by martial artists, holistic healers, spiritual seekers, and anyone looking for greater awareness and concentration. It makes us available to the development of body, mind and spirit. It enhances the nervous system, endocrine system, energy channels of the body, quickness of body and mind, and opens the doors on great spiritual depth. Kuji-in practice involves a combination of mudra (hand gesture), mantra (spoken prayer), and mandala (visualization) to focus attention.

Study Group

Students of Maha Vajra meet every so often in El Paso, Texas to continue understanding the wisdom of Mahajyra Buddhism for self transformation, healing and compassion. Maha’s teachings flow from and are adapted to fit all traditions—Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Kabbalah, and Buddhism. Sukhi Devi, an ordained priest/teacher in the Mahajyra tradition and a Reiki Master, leads the discussions. It is not required at all to be Buddhist to integrate this wisdom in our daily lives. We just need to be interested in spiritual evolution and happiness! You can get acquainted with Maha at


Kuji-In Complete Training Package
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Divine Incarnation
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